The Freedom Clasp™ provides ease of use and unparalleled security to independently fasten or remove jewelry.



Sizes: 8mm (Click), 10mm (Click)

Materials: Silver, Gold & Platinum







Sizes: 6mm (Click), 7.5mm (Click), 10mm (Click) & 12mm (Click)

Materials: Silver, Gold & Platinum


Sizes: 4mm (Click) & 5mm (Click)

Materials: Silver, Gold & Platinum

The Freedom Clasp™ was the collaborative effort of Jeweler Sonny Burgoon and Inventor William Duncan. As a 30 year veteran of the jewelry industry, Sonny saw that his customers needed a simple way to put on or take off their jewelry quickly and unassisted. The design team sought to create a clasp that is easy to fasten or remove and will not release until the wearer is ready to take off their jewelry. The clasp is designed to withstand all the daily pulling and tugging without inadvertently releasing.

The patented self-aligning design of the the Freedom Clasp™ relies onthe interference fit for holding strength combined with a neodymium magnet to effortlessly join the clasp halves together. The revolutionary clasp has the holding strength for the rigors of everyday use but can easily be removed with the simple flick of a fingernail.

Originally conceived as a solution for those with dexterity issues, the Freedom Clasp™ design pushes the current standard of the jewelry industry forward with its state of the art design. The Freedom Clasp™ is offered in silver, gold and platinum in three different sizes.

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